Dr Mahfouzi Museum

Cultural Works and Manuscripts Museum Dr Mahfoozi Museum

Since so many years ago, personal interests of the center's CEO (Dr. Sadegh Mahfouzi) to collect and investigate about inscriptions provided an exquisite personal collection for him which then was became one of the most valuable and unique museums of the Middle East gradually.

Although all of such exquisite and valuable works had been provided by hard workings and personal funds of the CEO (and his prestigious sire) during years, they were held in some discrete caches and had not any regulated discipline.

On the other hand, always this menace chagrined the mind that most important objective and incentive of purchasing and keeping this priceless treasure, i.e. presenting and showcasing them for researchers and cultural society of the country, is unmet because of such dispersion and elite researchers are unaware about this unique collection.

These factors in addition to beautiful insight of Dr. Mahfouzi and research muse within intellectual styles and initiative trends of our ancestors have resulted in dedication of some floors of Encyclopedia Center's building as museum and permanent exhibition of artistic and cultural manuscripts, therefore abovementioned manuscripts were deployed in an appropriate place for using of general public and their admirers.