Meet the Founder

Seconds, minutes and hours pass by from the passage of life a human being who lives among millions of others humans. Among millions of humans there are a few motivated people and artists who have tried, as of the time of gaining thinking capability, to serve society and culture of humanity by their great ambitions.

Gathering antiques for museum is, on one way, a materialistically supported formality, but, on the other hand, and from the critical and multidimensional viewpoint٬ it is a brilliant lovely and appreciable attempt for serving the human masterpieces and fearing of wider and more devastative measures. During the history, the outbreak of national and international wars, running libraries, mosques and historical buildings, bombing unique works of art, burnings millions of documents, inundating precious human values, books and writing eaten by termites, and occurrence of earthquakes the have somewhat ruined a magnificent history, warns the states, nations and both the aged and the youth to get together and save these valuable human heritage.

A few people have tried to create such unique and brilliant works in spite of all pains sustained and nonsense heard from friends and enemies and have served their religion, culture and history by preserving human inheritance. Such previous efforts will be mostly appreciated if be kept on in the future. Hundreds of researches and books, thousands of spiritual and sightseeing joys are just a small part of such an endeavor.

The research Institute of history of oriental civilization and" Anthropology Encyclopedia Center ", managed by Dr Mohammad Sadegh Mahfouzi , do not merely think of collecting the ancient heritage and putting them in museum.

They consider their task as a duty and paying homage those who have transferred such heritage from generation to generation and now it is our duty to carry it on the next generation, aiming to prove the way for researchers and make our Islamic artist feel proud of them.

Collecting over 80.000 words of art including historical, cultural and inscriptions together with writing dozen of books, dissertations and compiled researches come from the treasure of museum run by Dr. Mahfouzi attracted scientists and .artists fro, all over the world.

International scientific, cultural and artistic circles and organizations. Such as UNESCO and Islamic conference organization, as well as distinguished scholars have paid attention to appreciate such works. Regrettably, less importance has been attached to these works inside Iran.

Undoubtedly, it has been among rare religious and national endeavor in the recent years in Iran, aiming at preserving the everlasting works of arts of our country and a cause for the honor and dignity of the Islamic republic of Iran.

I, who have attached for years to collect cultural items, feel committed to perform two important things under guidance and supervision of Dr.Mahfouzi:

A. Collecting, organizing and indexing a detailed reference for all items on display in the museum.B. Publishing difference works in different language in order to introduce cultural, historical and artistic values of Iranian and Islamic civilizations.

For sure, in this regard, we seek the contribution of all knowledgeable and learned people. For this purpose The Research Institute of History of Oriental Civilization and "Anthropology Encyclopedia Center" have cooperated with each other in order to double capabilities and efficiencies in introducing Islamic works of art worldwide.
May God the Almighty bless us
Dr. Sayyed Mohammad Taghi Hashemian
August 22.2008