Here, some other services of Anthropological Encyclopedia Center and Manuscripts Museum of Dr. Sadegh Mahfouzi are introduced. Such services are offered to acquaint people with Islamic culture and art, and more contemplation about these concepts along with main activities of the museum:

  • yearbook printing and publishing arts and education and introduce artists and art schools and arrays
  • Duplicate CD's research and evaluation indicators in different periods of art history
  • working with scientists and researchers and provide image manuscripts and paintings by veteran artist
  • Order of historical patterns, epic, literary and ... In line drawings and contemporary artists etc.
  • Information (library, archive research center Encyclopedia of Anthropology)
  • Protection and Maintenance Service
  • Repair Services
  • to identify and provide recognition letters list museum
  • exhibiting specialized research and training issues on varied subjects
  • Exquisite museum documenting the works - photographs, microfilm, fax, bar, ...
  • organize work (cataloging, classification, indexing, ....
  • Identification and introduction of valuable and rare manuscripts
  • create electronic space (virtual site museum and display halls and introduced more than 30 thousand of cultural art and play movies and cultural and scientific discourse on cultural events and conferences and science center, and ...
  • Call for buying contemporary art and museums and veteran in the media and informing the press and holding exhibitions in various scientific and cultural