public relations

Today, after 14 centuries of Quran scribing, although print industry is very pervasive, diverse and astonishing, Quran and some of religious texts are scribed with beautiful calligraphies by calligraphers and are bound by observing illumination and bookbinding rules of artists.

It seems that in this donnybrook world, still Islamic mélanges are surged in vessels of Muslim artists and they are after creating exquisite works. We intend to keep and protect these original arts and mélanges through invigorating ancient traditions and then transverse them to the next generations, in turn.

As a result this giant collection visited by ten thousands visitors, aims at identifying artists and fans of this branch of art across the world and shaking their hands of cooperation.

All users who own manuscripts may embark to sell or grant them to the center in order to share others in using and enjoying them.