Restoration workshop

Restoration workshop of anthropological encyclopedia center has constructed upon establishment date of the museum under emphasis of Dr. Mahfouzi who was after using all possible facilities to avoid from dilapidation and deterioration of ancient manuscripts.

Major part of the museum is consisted of written heritages and manuscripts in the framework of documents, historical, scientific and historic books which are considered as national capital, on the other word they belong to all thinkers and pundits. Although restoration of manuscripts rooted in ancient era, its current and scientific concept is beyond mixing torn out pieces and papers but is pervasive analysis and scrutinizing its components for optimum reclamation and maintenance.

Preservative and restorative collection if the museum with more than 20 years working on manuscripts and cultural and artistic works has succeeded to find an exemplary position across the international preservation and restoration association in terms of preservation, restoration and maintenance.

Presenting about 70,000 vulnerable written works to environmental (physical, chemical and geologic) elements stimulated us to define preservation and restoration of written works as our first priority.

Achieving this is impossible without workshop equipment and knowledge of scientific concepts and cutting edge restoration methods accepted by international restoration and preservation association.

As it has been observed in other museums, several exquisite works were destructed because of unfamiliarity with different stages such as how to maintain works on caches, how to move and proper method to propose them, how to disinfect during treatment, restoration and strengthening stages.

Therefore, the museum has upgraded itself under supervision of Dr. Mahfouizi to state-of-the-art equipments and restoration and preservation methods. In the same view, taking and collecting safe and proper scientific techniques across all preservation and restoration stages has been put atop agenda since the establishment date.

Substantial policy of the workshop:

  • Effacing and removing destructive elements
  • Reversibility of restoration techniques
  • Strengthening
  • Reconstructing ancient works and manuscripts by proper chemicals

Collection and implementing restoration and preservation instructions:

  • Making appropriate condition for works
  • Controlling temperature and moisture
  • Controlling biologic elements
  • Controlling and acidity appearance and treating it on works

In-hand plans and activities of restoration workshop of anthropological museum:

  • Preparing professional and restoration ID card based on predefined priorities
  • Written works and manuscripts pathology
  • Technology
  • Implementing fundamental scientific researches
  • Implementing emergency restorations
  • Implementing warehousing proper instructions

Implemented activities

  • Repairing more than 2000 manuscripts along with recording them
  • Repairing 300 earthenware and ceramic works of Islamic era
  • Repairing 150 paintings of great painters of Safavid, Qajar and contemporary era
  • Repairing 400 lac heritages including penners and etc.