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Department of Anthropology in the eyes of Islam

This project or that project titled "Anthropology from the standpoint of Islam", the man has studied. In summary, this article can be presented as follows:

The first axis: the origin, ancestry, and human nature: that stuff is 5 projects:

being creatures is distinct, studies the way projects are thus raised:

1. The distinction of man from other creatures:

2. The origin of man:

3 - pre-born human existence:

meaning that in future public-transcript coordinates and logical reasons Vtfrq between them will be discussed.

4 - the divine aspect of man:

transportation and similarities and intellectual aspects of the divine caliphate Tlbyn and will be investigated.

5 - human nature:

) and lower nature (know) know about human nature not discuss the other Xi Vmtqdnd human nature in cooperation with each other and Tarznd and therefore are questions whether man is inherently evil and on the good, and he feels with Lks ? What is the meaning of good Vbdy? Is the human powers together in cooperative or Tarznd? And ... that will be addressed in other articles.

Whether these differences are solved or impossible? In fact what factors and how (as a project) the impact of human differences and what brings results. Factors such as:

1 - Sex:

Male or a female that's what creates social life? What is the gender differences? What relationship can be between male and female? Features physical, mental, psychological, and moral action is the two sexes?

2 - Age:

According to the understanding of the quantum nature of life in the project examined the differences and similarities between the various stages of human life, such as infancy, childhood, adolescence, youth, middle age ... physically, mentally, psychologically and practically in various stages of life.

3 - heritability:

Heredity also affects human and social psychological and moral character, but that human genetic differences affect how much? What is the meaning of the hereditary principle? What method would undermine or strengthen the effect of genetic factors? Questions that will be answered in this project.

4 - Education:

Education as opposed to genetic factors, age, destiny is Qdrallhy. The project must see that education What kinds of factors are and to what table